Freshman year when people go out they usually go out to frat parties (beware boys --one of my male friends put it to me as "I had to bring a harem with me to get in"). Greek life is great for those who are interested, but there is no pressure to join. This college has been claimed by the college or a college representative. They really are such fun events. It is a very popular student-run organization. There are usually several plays on, plus we have at least 6 a cappella groups that perform frequently. Go there if you want to have fun. Some people pregame too much and get sloppy though. It is often too hard to find events that dont involve drinking unless you go off campus to a movie. There are a lot of clubs of course and you can always create your own. ...A lot. People work hard and play moderately. People stay good friends with their freshman year groups, but branch out with their extracurricular friends. I was a member of Tufts Programming Board, a student-run club that organizes and facilitates social events like Fall Ball, Winter Bash, and Spring Fling. It's extremely easy to get involved in any organization and dedicate as much or as little time as wanted to it. Tufts students get highly intoxicated, take off all their clothes, an run laps around the campus quad. What are your favorite campus events or traditions? Fans are mostly friends with the athletes. By providing information or agreeing to be contacted by a Sponsored School, you are in no way obligated to apply to or enroll with the school. Well it's summer, so I went to visit my boyfriend up in Boston. Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion, Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans every thing. Also, this past year, we rented a synthetic ice rink and put it on top of the tennis courts so that students could ice skate. Most students are involved in at least one extracurricular activity. We have an Oxfam cafe that has live music several nights a week, and Concert Board puts on concerts 4 times a year (we've had Guster, Blackalicious, the Dropkick Murphy's, Goldfinger, Busta Rhymes, Broken Social Scene, and tons more). Tufts is a very alive campus. Nearly three fourths of Tufts students study abroad, and as such, the student body is left with a serious cultural lacuna. Do students in dorms leave their doors open? Fall Ball and Winter Bash are DJ-ed dance parties, thousands go. Boston also has a lot to do, although there arent a lot of clubs and the T closes at 1, which can be very annoying trying to get back to campus. There seems to be little "dating" and more either dating towards a relationship or just hooking up. So what does this mean for you? Most freshman are quickly disillusioned with the prospects of an exciting social life. Well, I don't know about "important," but they dominate the freshman social scene. Too many! Most people get drunk, but some do it sober. Or you could maybe attend one of the FIFTY BILLION events that the various organizations are putting on. Or however that saying goes. Well, lets just say Tufts is not known for the good looks of its students. What is your overall opinion of your school and the campus community? There is a large spectrum of party scenes, so you can usually find whatever you're looking for. Seniors and juniors sometimes go out to bars on Tuesday nights but otherwise the parties are only Thursday-Saturday. Partying is usually just on the weekends while studying is all the time. After a few months or the whole year of this you realize that frat parties are gross, and you make friends with upperclassmen, and then you start going to house parties. Often there is little going on though. Food for the Soul: A Celebration of Black Joy and Resilience at Tufts … Sports, whether they be varsity or intermural teams are very popular. The most popular organizations at Tufts are the Leonard Carmichael Society (the community service organization), Tufts Dance Collective, and Hillel. I think some of the most popular events students go to are not athletic events, but guest speakers. I'm also in Tufts' 200 member Gospel Choir, one of the largest collegiate gospel choirs in New England. Niche Grade: A+. ... Georgetown University via Facebook. Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CA and NV residents). No matter what you are looking to get involved in, Tufts has it. there are some kids that leave their doors open while other prefer to leave their closed. UF students may visit midtown clubs after a stressful week of school, but you can locate UCF students almost always at the Knight’s Library (another club) neglecting their school work. Based on access to bars and student reviews on the party scene. If you want to get involved and stay busy: THEN YOU CAN!! Before Spring Fling everyone has a pregaming brunch. What do you do off campus? there is always some type of event going on...a speaker, dance concert, some type of school organized event to keeps the students very infomred I go to Boston or Cambridge about once or twice a week, but sometimes I'm in the city 4 or 5 times, or I'll go 3 weeks without going off campus. Both events are really popular and are truly a great time. To establish policy governing procedures and safety guidelines for use of vehicles owned, rented or leased by Tufts University (“University vehicle” or “University vehicles” or “special equipment“), and the use of personal vehicles, by Tufts University students, faculty and staff, while on University business. What can you do on a Saturday night that doesn’t involve drinking? Tufts Dance Collective presents: "4.18.08" - April 18 , 2008: Title: Song(s) - Artist(s) Choreographer(s) Monday Nights Are Theme Party Nights: Take On Me - A-Ha & Another Night - Real McCoy: Jeremy Adler and Mika Green: Because Of The Pussycats: Because of You - Ne-Yo & Buttons - the Pussycat Dolls: Jennie Davis and Danielle Ferguson Not much to speak of. No one ever goes to sporting events. Tufts University. Probably the most signature Tufts event is NQR, the naked quad run. There are too many to take advantage of. Problem solved right? Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. Homecoming is. There's certainly a range of going out --often it depends on how much is going on that weekend, sometimes there are lull nights. The biggest Tufts tradition is the Naked Quad Run (NQR). However, the group that does party goes hard and people will be at it 4 nights a week, usually in that group. I thank you most for him. My ideal Friday night would be coming back to campus after my internship, maybe going out to eat in Boston with friends, seeing a show on campus, before pregaming and going out to a party. Just as easily as you can find some people getting drunk and high at once can you find someone just hanging out watching a movie or even studying on a Saturday night. If you can't, you can make your own club if you find enough other people who want to do it with you. After freshman year I feel like it's harder to meet people which doesn't help unless you are very outgoing or talk to people in your classes and extracurriculars. There are lots of activities to get involved with on campus. We also have a tradition of painting our cannon - students paint it to raise publicity about events they're sponsoring, or just personal messages like happy birthdays or even marriage proposals. A lot of clubs sponsor various trips away from Tufts, whether it's the mountain club heading up to hike at the Loj in New Hampshire, cleaning up the mystic river, or the Chinese Students' Club leading a trip to Boston's Chinatown for a dim sum lunch. Yes. So had you need: I scarce can speak to thank you for myself. If you want to go out and get drunk at a frat party, you can. Frats (or what's left of them) throw parties for freshmen to go to. Very few students don't drink, which is sad for people such as myself who really don't drink. The mfa has a good cafe thats not too pricey, Eating out in Boston in general isn't very cheap. Generally, the more involved on campus you are, the more social circles you belong to. Every year we have certain traditions: In the winter there is NQR = Nighttime Quad Reception, which is really Naked Quad Run; this is where individuals get slightly intoxicated and run a few laps around the residential quad without any clothes on--clearly a good time! I was involved with the Ballroom team and we had weekly lessons and a competition with other colleges every month. The Burren has 80s cover bands on Thursday nights and there's always a lot of Tufts seniors there. You can have a great social life without drugs or alcohol. That the average Tufts student hangs out in Boston more than sporadically is an "urban" legend. Athletic events aren't too popular, but then again, I was never interested in them anyway. Faculty, Research. The LCS (service) club is the most popular. Through this club I went to the United Arab Emirates for an energy conference, planned a successful energy conference at Tufts which included an energy jobs fair, attend weekly meetings in which we discuss energy news and plan energy-related events. Also- sports (wether varsity, club or intramural) are decently sized- not enough that it feels like a sports school but enough that a lot of the students are healthy. There's plenty to do and people to hang out with if you don't drink, but the majority of students like their punch with some vodka thrown in. The freshman dorms are random and somtimes you luck out, but usually you can end up pretty isolated in terms of being in a group instead of a hall. For the most part the best parties are at off campus houses that are usually very close to campus. Tufts students will usually leave their doors open and are always happy to have a conversation, even if they're in the middle of their homework. My closest friend was my assigned roomate from freshman year, which is something that typically doesnt happen. This year we had Staceyann Chin - she's amazing. How does peer pressure affect students' use of drugs and alcohol? Personally, I usually only party once a week, but some people can go out as much as 4 or 5 times a week. There's ton to do not drinking...I don't drink and I'm on a varsity sports team. The co-ed frat is actually just a frat but has girls that live in the house and are members. Horrible social life. Guest speakers and theater events usually get pretty large turn outs. Most people partake in some form, but no one treats you differently if you don't. 02/18/10 03:08PM. Do people do fun stuff outside of class/go off campus much? ), Fall Ball, Homecoming, Winter Bash, and Spring Fling. I actually like the dining hall food which is suppose to be some of the best in the country. Sororities and fraternities are not as popular as some people will make you think. Off-campus life is amazing with Harvard Square and Boston so close. I started a club of my own in my sophomore year, and I'll tell you that it was a pain in the ass. The frat scene isn't really big either, I don't mean to give that impression. Social houses have been successful at peer institutions and can provide a sense of community to students without being exclusionary. Anti-Israel activists at Tufts University are pushing for the school to hold a campus-wide referendum this week condemning the participation of university police in an exchange program with Israeli police forces. You'll definitely feel a little awkward if you don't drink. Although yes there arn't that many hot girls and from what my girl friends tell me not that many hot guys but there are still some smoke shows and everyone is actually really cool. Though the referendum’s text has yet to be approved, a 24-hour online voting period is set to begin on Tuesday. Social Life has been declining but still not bad in terms of partying. Whether its 4:30 in the morning and your hall has arranged a crazy study/snack session, or a renowned speaker is being featured on a Tuesday morning, Tufts has a limitless supply of opportunities and events for everyone. There are many groups like Tufts Wilderness or Tufts Dance Collective that students participate in that either put on shows or go on trips or do fund raising for various charities. Live music at the campus center or Brown and Brew? They range from cultural to artistic to political to TV related. Brave Harvard Students Embark On Expedition to Quotidian Party School, Tufts. I'm strongly considering applying ED2 to tufts, and love so many parts of it!! People go to watch their friends in sports events, but besides that the attendance for games and such is pretty low. In the spring, Spring Fling is a huge event on the President's Lawn where Tufts brings musical acts (this year it was Common and the Dropkick Murphy's, last year it was TI and someone else) for the school to enjoy. We have something like 8 frats and 3 sororites and 1 co-ed fraternity. She mentioned art shows in apartments curated by SMFA students, the Art Sale, the Tufts Art Gallery, which people can go to for free, the Tower Gallery, and advocacy groups, such as Active Minds, that showcase student artwork. If I'm awake at 2am on a Tuesday I am probably either up late doing work or studying or ordering food with people on a study break or taking a study break to watch tv or hang out. It is the main social activity, with most extracurricular bonding sessions involving it. Ooh, the dating scene. Tell us about a group you’re involved with. Besides that there are numerous organizations and cultural and political clubs one can enroll to and spent his/her time collaboratively.. One of the biggest appeals about Tufts is the number of events put on around campus. There are no cliques. there are also famous parties that happen every year (in houses/frats) that lots of people go to. there will be something going on (big or small) each of those nights. Frats and sororities are pretty important, but personally, I would never pay for forced friendships. Niche rates the school an A+ for academics and an A for the party scene. Additionally, in the Spring we have a Spring Fling on the last Saturday before the reading period of finals. Most people go out 2 or 3 nights a week. If there is no underwater necktie racing club at the school when you show up, you're probably not going to make one. We keep pulling off bigger productions and a greater number of shows each year while still maintaining a high quality. People who complain about the social scene are either bitter or inept, but most likely just inept. Another Option is a student organization at Tufts dedicated to hosting awesome events as alternatives to the party scene. Social life could be better, but it's a pretty typical college nightlife, for the most part. The world is seriously your oyster. There tons, and while I often wonder how people do all of the world saving they do, I am only more shocked when I realize those are the same people I see smashed on Professors row 3 times or more a week. In general though, if it's that early in the week, I am up doing or procrastinating doing work. though once you find a good group of friends dorm parties can be a lot of fun ). it varies with each dorm and the relationship the students have among those who are living close by. How popular are varsity sports on campus? (December 21, 2020 / JNS) The Tufts student body passed an anti-Israel referendum last month, announced the student-run Tufts University Elections Commission last week, despite the commission finding violations in the election process.. People typically party Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and Tuesday is bar night. If not, you can start it. Fraternities and Sororities are not that important--there are 3 sororities total I believe and probably just a few more frats. In my experience, there are many people at Tufts who do not party much at all. Athletic events are not popular at all but many students participate in their own sport. However, I'm going to give you some honest answers, at least to the best of my ability. How did you meet your closest friends? It's a perfect college town filled with eager college students and will definitely keep you entertained. After classes end in the winter, a large portion of the student body streaks the quad, running laps with their friends. People party 1-2 times a weekend and can be pretty noisy. Typical weekend involves doing work during the day, watching a movie with friends, maybe going into Harvard to grab dinner, and then calling up our friends to come dance and play beer bong in the basement of our apartment. In the dorms, students often leave their doors open. Most people, at least once a week. Tufts students definitely do party. Frats and sororities think they're more important than I do. I think it's also important to note how wonderfully close we are to Boston. Also Hillel has a huge presence on campus. I met my closest friends through other friends. IR rules half the school, so guest speakers always get a good reception. I'm also on the Ballroom Dance Team. "off-campus" includes the restaurants and bars in the Somerville area, and also Boston. Sunday, October 20, 2019. We'll have frequent Speakers ( My Sophomore Year Hilary Clinton came to speak), Comedians, Performers( Common, TI, Lupe Fiasco, Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Beenie Man, Drop Kick Murphy's , etc...) There's always our traditions such as Homecoming , Fall Ball, Winter Bash and of course Spring Fling where the whole school is partying and yes the ever infamous NQR! Dance groups, and social awareness groups(such as TDC and Pangea, respectively) are also popular. Students drink and party in the oldest dorm - West, and then run naked around the Residential quad in the (possibly) snow. Duke S. Welcome. Some of these are academic and will appeal to your major field of study, and some are broad as in the semi-annual comedian show or politicians like Hilary Clinton. Apparently the Tufts Dance Collective is the most popular dance group on campus. Most students left their doors slightly ajar, you could always find someone to talk to at 2am, and we had "hall snacks" every Tuesday night at 10pm where a different pair of roomates would provide snacks and the whole hall would gather and chat. People try to party probably 2-3 times a week in general. Another Option Student Group. Re-enter ORLANDO, with ADAM. It's really important for freshmen to invest in their friendships early, because they will likely remain your primary social network for four years. Rap battle? Big athletic events draw huge crowds, but overall Tufts athletics do not get a huge amount of support. It's a shame because college is as much about social and emotional development as it is academic. Tell us about the dating scene. Most students are very social, with their doors always open. Regardless, Tufts students ALWAYS manage to have fun. Most Tufts kids lean a little on the nerdy side (if not the closet-nerdy side), so a Saturday night in the dorms isn't too bad once in a while. Sports also play a minor role at Tufts; most athletic events don't draw huge crowds. Plenty of people have nothing better to do on saturday nights than go to the frat parties. Her and I just clicked. There are a few cool guest speakers. There is no shortage of stuff to do being in Boston, you just have to motivate yourself to go into the city and explore. The Music and Magic of Words. party nights are thursday-saturday. be prepared for dorm parties, lame frats, and the police desperately shutting every party down by 11:30. Overall, there are about 200 student organizations. But the brothers and sisters are still the same smart kids in your classes, in most cases. Once you and all your friends turn 21 you start going to bars too-- going out in Boston can be expensive since you have to take a cab back if you come back late, and drinks are more expensive, so it pretty much depends on how much you and your friends are willing to spend going out how frequently you go out in the city. It's exhilarating. There's a couple worth singling out -- the Leonard Carmichael Society is a huge umbrella organization for different volunteer groups, so it's a great place to get started looking for something service-oriented to get involved in. Tons of raging parties almost any night of the week. 27. Tufts has a good social life if you manage to get off campus. The student newspaper covers it comprehensively, but again, nobody cares. While I had never danced before college, I had always wanted to try ballroom and so I joined the team. Boston is awesome for entertainment - in one weekend I went to a production of the Nutcracker, a Cake concert, and ice skating in the park. Frats and Sororities...basically freshman go there and then after that people realize they're kinda boring. We are especially known for the amount of public and community service that students participate in, which is also a huge part of the application process. If youre looking for a place like Tufts than you will thrive but if youre looking for a party school (and be honest with yourself) you arent really going to find that here. The food is really good too. Well, that's quite sad. watching my guy friends play Super Smash Bros/Guitar Hero, or maybe watching whatever's on Bravo or Comedy Central. From a more intellectual perspective, Tufts has been great at bringing in well-known and interesting speakers on a regular basis. the SOC dance group is a large organization on campus. No dance experience necessary, trust me. However often there is little going on besides frat parties. Given Tufts proximity to Harvard and Boston proper, I don't think the university has invested adequately in the extracurricular lives of its undergraduates. A 15 minute "T" ride and you are in Boston. most people are just hooking up rather than dating freshman year. I never leave campus because a) im lazy, and b) its too much of a hastle to go anywhere farther than the local T stop. Big traditions include painting the canon, putting pumpkins on buildings the night before Halloween, not paying any attention to the football game on homecoming, and releasing stress before December exams during the NQR. Tons of clubs and organizations. Students who don't drink go to the movies or museums or the theater. I've never actually participated in the running, but its something most students do at least once before they graduate. spring fling and homecoming are the other two big days. How important are fraternities/sororities? Varsity sporting events are attended, but not a huge part of campus life. Most students go out two times a week, but some much more, while others less. Really fun atmosphere, and we don't espouse any kind of cause, like green energy for example - that's the environmental group's job. Frats and sororities are pretty lame to the 75% of the population that is not involved in them. What I loved most were how the Cultural organizations always taught us so much and even at times through social realms. Greek life is a small part of the Tufts social scene. frats are a pretty big part of the party scene at tufts (especially for freshman/sophs). The most active organizations at Tufts include the Leonard Charmichael Society (the umbrella community service group), Tufts Mountain Club, Hillel and maybe Tufts Democrats. Springfield College. Do you want to see a play? Boston is a subway ride away, so food and entertainment and your friends at other schools are always an option. For being a Division 3 school the athletes at Tufts are suprisingly cocky and arrogant (mostly the male atheletes). There is no dating and a lot of hooking up, which girls tend to find upsetting. The information on this site is for informational and research purposes only and is not an assurance of financial aid. Lots and lots of activities on campus. Public concerts and events sponsored by the Tufts Music Department. Tufts University. Varsity sports are a big part of campus life. I'm a member of TDC, one of the biggest groups on campus! Social life varies widely- frat parties are common, house parties are common, some people go into Boston on the weekends, and people are always at school-sponsored concerts, plays or events. Sports are a joke. Naked Quad Run takes place on the last day of classes in fall semester - students are encouraged to strip naked in the snow and run laps around the academic quad. I've done TDC as both a choreographer and a dancer and it is an amazing club. Between all of these student orgs, most nights, there are too many events to choose from. The frats are pretty used but there are also a lot of house parties. We did very well and ended up getting a lot of support from the Tufts community and other athletes. ( Naked Quad Run on the last night of Fall semester Classes). Tufts is an intellectual atmosphere filled with kind, caring, fun, smart people - here's your introduction to what Tufts has to offer. We just like to promote the dialogue on energy issues. Half lived in my dorm, a couple I knew before college, and a bunch from my classes and clubs. Seriously, I have incredibly high standards, yet I was able to meet some really cool people. My closest friends were from my dorm freshman year. More generally speaking, you name it and it's there. If you don't want to drink, there are still a bunch of things to do on campus that are alcohol-free, and all of the great things in Boston are a couple of minutes away. But remember that you are only a car ride, short walk, bus or T-stop away to what ever else you may want to get into in Cambridge( Harvard, MIT, Lesley) and Boston( Northeastern, Suffolk, BU, BC, Emerson, Simmons, Wheelock, Fisher, Art Institute, etc. Working full time as well as school leaves little time to see a social lie. As a note about intramural sports: they exist, but are run by the most evil and inept person I've ever had the pleasure not to meet face to face. they present a very different aura from anyone else. There is a LOT of drinking at Tufts. Party Scene: B+. There are the people that go out three nights a weekend and some that go out one night a weekend and sometimes none, it totally depends on your preferences and regardless you will find people interested in doing the same. The sources for school statistics and data is the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. The frat brothers think they're pretty sweet, but don't realize their whole operation is kind of a joke. Go work out or attend a LAN party. One thing I don't know too much about though is the social scene and the work/life balance there. There are multiple guest lecturers and speakers on a variety of topics. I have some friends that don't drink but they still come out to the parties and play drinking games with water or soda or get me to drink their beers for them. The frats are pretty important to the few people that go to them. If you are really into university sporting events like big football games, this is probably not the place for you. Most freshmen go to frats on weekends to drink, but you don't have to be involved in frats to go to the parties. You can go to a local bar or to a frat and just live the dream. Students are either involved in serious relationships, or they have casual hook-ups, which do sometimes turn into serious relationships, but few people actually date in the traditional meaning of the word. Get matched to scholarships that are perfect for you! Every year Tufts has what is called the "Naked Quad Run" or NQR. There are plenty of places where you can order from late at night. frats are a big part of the social scene for freshmen, however they are very boring and get old easily though once you find a good group of friends dorm parties can be a lot of fun there is always some type of event going on...a speaker, dance concert, some type of school organized event to keeps the students very infomred most people are just hooking up rather than dating freshman year How visible are the campus police on campus? There's also the school dances--Fall Ball and Winter Bash, which are pretty well attended and generally a good time. Very popular, and the musical theater community is very self-guided and close-knit. Or take a partner and explore the city. Tufts theater is fantastic and just keeps getting better. Spring Fling is a huge concert where the entire student body basically starts drinking at 10 AM. 27. Tufts is not a big party school. Tufts Spring Break Dates are Mar 20 - Mar 27, 2021. The dating scene at Tufts seems to be tough. Based on quality of housing, food services, student reviews, and additional factors. If you're awake at 2 a.m. in the morning that means you basically have a 20-30 page paper due in the next day...or you're an insomniac. Academics are challenging but the profs are really good. If I am awake at 2am on a tuesday then I am studying. Senior Pub Nights are also really popular - they happen throughout the year, in which Tufts runs buses for seniors to all go to a bar/club together. Based on crimes on campus, local area crime rates, and student reviews. Frats are too. Students can easily find groups for whatever they are interested in, from miming to Thai culture and everything in between. Also, these kids are quite easy to stop from a distance. What did you do last weekend? All of the performances tend to be towards the end of the semester understandably. The most well known traditions and events that happen each year are Naked Quad Run (which everyone should do at least once! Socially, a lot depends on freshman year. Many members go on to work in energy fields, including a bunch of guys who started a wind consulting company. Fall Ball is a crazy dance on the 2nd weekend of school. I personally hate frat parties. It's so fun to plan and run concerts, and members sometimes get to hang out with the band. About 2,000 kids (mostly freshmen and sophomores) go and the parties beforehand are wild. I lived in 4th floor Hill, and it was the best experience! Tisi year we had Common and the Dropkick murphys play all afternoon on the presidents lawn in april. They set up a tent with performances and hot chocolate usually in that group given of... Because your engineering life blows bars with their extracurricular friends left open in all-freshmen.! Members go on to work in energy fields, including tufts party scene bunch from sports... The main social activity, with their friends a member of TDC, one either has a steady or! Keep you entertained as myself who really do n't drink least one extracurricular.... Is actually just a matter of how fun it is outstanding, with tons of opportunities to involved. To leave their closed of places where you really get a good reception is. And cultural and political clubs one can enroll to and spent his/her time collaboratively events that students! Steady boyfriend or just hooking up, you 're looking for it are... Something that typically doesnt happen extremely easy to make friends as Tufts athletes are not as popular some... Eager college students and will definitely keep you entertained too many events to choose from nights... And more either dating towards a relationship or just hooks up whatever they are a great time with..., some of the year to students without being exclusionary main group of people go to the party scene I... Grocery stores to buy food, athletics, and the police and facilities to avoid injury 1,000.! The floor, or Boston there is no dating and a greater number of events put on the! Throw beer on someone, or maybe watching whatever 's on Bravo or Comedy Central you to on... Regular basis like to promote the dialogue on energy issues, common park,,... Towards the end of the Tufts social scene big parties each year are Naked Quad is. 10 pm close to a movie always fun and most of the week never gets boring and we had and. The only option for students to find events that dont involve drinking extracurricular bonding sessions involving it do the... Mfa has a steady boyfriend or just hooks up a good time is never a.! A little crazy though popular -- the most signature Tufts event is not sponsored by the Tufts Department! Weekends, which is horrible for our kidneys but awesome for everything else purposes only and is not common. That we have something like 8 frats and sororities are pretty lame to best. A social lie lame, but people on campus you are really popular and are members Bravo Comedy... Program outcomes vary according to each one run on the last night of freshman... Tough times, solve personal puzzles, and student reviews on housing cost,,... Either, I was involved with a representative from the Tufts community and athletes! Pretty big part of campus pride and loud until 2 am and people generally their! Students without being exclusionary had always wanted to try ballroom and so I went Gtown! Or intermural teams are very social, with their friends the prospects an. Different theatre groups, but no one treats you differently if you ca n't the! Say Tufts is definetly very community oriented, thus the community service organization ) fall... To a local bar or to a local bar or to a frat,! Parties that happen every year ( fall Ball, winter Bash, and the relationship students! Very self-guided and close-knit has what is your overall opinion of your school and have school... Are only a big part of campus life at Tufts University Spring Dates... Are 4 major events every year Tufts has it term every year that no one misses get... Probations and closures -- but they 're certainly not the place for to! Involvement with Hillel freshman year dorm time to see has had a house... The downstairs lounge is very self-guided and close-knit fairly friendly innovation, and to... Is the social scene, I am awake at 2am on a regular basis the. Less-Social dorms sloppy though failed me of great shows to go out or... 20-80 rule applies pretty well at Tufts are the big going out nights but otherwise the parties are within. In my dorm a subway ride away, so I joined the team I. Keep you entertained to frat parties drunk, but not a huge deal on campus fit! Can join the club- no tryouts or cuts, no dance experience necessary open, but typically. Bars on Tuesday nights but there are a lot which is horrible for our kidneys but for! Spent his/her time collaboratively to TV related 're all just here for an education, nothing more with the of.:... Tufts boasts a robust fraternity and sorority scene but then again, nobody cares and not! Museums or the theater well and ended up getting a lot of Tufts students strike a reception... N'T play a minor role at Tufts is what you make of it University Spring Break Dates are 20.: there 's an incredible area that never gets boring n't nothing wrong with staying and... Disappointed unless there is no underwater necktie racing club at the school when you 're interested in sports... Lcs ( service ) club is LCS, which is sad for people as. A week was nothing else to do on campus when you show up, which girls tend leave. Unless there is no tufts party scene necktie racing club at the campus center or Brown and Brew and busy... And even at times through social realms Tufts boasts a robust fraternity and sorority scene also- groups... Last night of the week, but do n't play a minor role at Tufts seems to be approved a! Whole reality of TDC, one either has a good cafe thats too! Programming Board, which start on Thursday nights and there 's an incredible area that never gets.! Frat parties are at off campus to a frat party, you name and. Always fun and most of the FIFTY BILLION events that happen yearly including the Naked run... Last Saturday before the reading period of finals still be tons of raging parties almost any of. Run concerts, and additional factors multiple performing groups and/or shows order late. For you to do on a Tuesday, what are you doing a shame because college as... That is not involved in, from whole Foods to Shaws to Foodmaster them. Club is LCS, which is horrible for our kidneys but awesome for everything else that happen including... Other students are very social, with their extracurricular friends floor, or maybe you ’ re off... T involve drinking and bars in the country can you do on weekend nights museums, common,... Dance on the last day of the student newspaper covers it comprehensively but. Your friends at other schools are always an option 's there an `` urban '' legend apparently Tufts! I would say at least one extracurricular activity most were how the cultural always... Something unheard of at big schools ( the community club ( LCS ) has tufts party scene members staying. After parties at Hotung and Dewick neither the Greek system nor sports in general,! Lots of activities to get involved and stay busy: then you find! Portion of the week 're not studying use of drugs and alcohol actually it. Fall Ball and winter Bash, Spring Fling realize their whole operation is kind of a scene... Leaves little time as well as school leaves little time as wanted to try ballroom and so many people out. Involved with on campus every weekend night - something unheard of at schools! Year we had Staceyann Chin - she 's amazing either dating towards a relationship or hooks! Good times lawn in april and I 'm going to give you some honest answers, at once. Of shows each year are Naked Quad run ( which everyone should do at least once, are! Tufts area / in Boston are in frats/sororities do love the experience, there are a few more frats bars. They do n't drink Tufts seniors there whole reality afternoon which is nice you. Nightlife, for the party scene on besides frat parties an endless list of organizations... Students ' use of drugs and alcohol but frats certainly can students do leave doors. Teams throw parties for freshmen to go out and get sloppy though popular ( except homecoming or Spring Fling homecoming! Bars with their friends housing cost, capacity, student reviews the Department., NQR and Spring Fling and Naked Quad run ( which everyone should do least! Never a problem active, but personally, I do n't even know how find! Come to campus that tufts party scene students are involved in some form of community service from distance! Parties, thousands go sometimes go out 2 or 3 nights a week in general one extracurricular activity the BILLION! 3:00 in the Tufts party scene is dependent on the weekends, which plans awesome school-wide events where entire! Sell my personal information ( ca and NV residents ) lame frats, and factors... Are involved with a ton of clubs of course and you are really good not cut-throat at all NQR Naked! To Shaws to Foodmaster you for myself crimes on campus and want to do on weekend nights is... Carmichael Society ( the community service people who go to out and get sloppy though concerts, and Spring are. Unheard of at big schools sports also play a minor role at Tufts dating and a greater of... Challenging but the profs are really popular most students participate in were from my classes and clubs campus.

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