Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm +2 MagGuts™-High Capacity Magazine Conversion This is a +2 conversion for your S&W Shield 9mm 7 or 8 round magazine. Works Great, make sure to look at spring orientation. I've put about 1200 rounds through it and have been concealed carrying it for 2 or 3 months now. Glock 43 is 16% more populated. (verified owner) – May 21, 2018, Everything is normal cycling through the mag by hand, have not shot gun since installation, John V. AT2100. Installation was easy and they’ve been working well. Happy customer, Dave Logan I got this for my brother-in-law and he likes it/it works well for his gun! Wish I would have known about them a couple of years ago. (verified owner) – February 9, 2018, No problem with spring insertion. Free shipping. $13.95 to $25.95. Nothing more to say. I am unable to replicate this malfunction with either glock factory mags or maggutz kit. Please let me know your thoughts if you have relevant experience. Ryan G. Shipped and received quickly. (verified owner) – July 31, 2020. (verified owner) – March 18, 2018. ETS magazines have been rock solid in my 19, 42, and 43. Zero malfunction with my first 250 rounds No FTF or FTE at all. (verified owner) – January 29, 2018. Easy to install and fits the extra round without difficulty. (verified owner) – February 9, 2019, Gary B. (verified owner) – November 15, 2017, Ranes Their service and shipping very top of the line.. Oh yea and a desantis slim tuck & pelican case and factory steel Glock slim night sights . No problems. It is easy to install and performs flawlessly. (verified owner) – January 6, 2019, James R. Great product, but a little pricey. Great addition for my carry gun. (verified owner) – November 26, 2019. I will carry magguts in my every day carry defensive pistol with total confidence in its reliability. It is Machined in house from solid bar stock of 6061 T6 aluminum and then Anodized. Tom H. Simple to install. Definitely improves the grip and worth the cost. No discount codes necessary to get great deals. Yes I trust them. level 1. (verified owner) – May 10, 2018. Fast shipping. The result is a very simple, space efficient spring that collapses to a super compact height which allows space for that extra round while maintaining necessary force. 36 ratings. Works great thru 200 both hardball and HPs. (verified owner) – October 3, 2019. Great product. 2 ... For the G43, I have used this Ghost +2 extension, as well as the MagGuts +1, Vickers +2, and Taran Tactical +3 extensions, putting hundreds of rounds through each. Replacing the OEM spring with a Magguts ‘flat’ spring was not too difficult and it gave me one additional round for my Glock43. (verified owner) – November 27, 2018. ARCHIVED; Handguns » Glock. Again I Love it. The follower looks more professional than the stock follower. Magguts recently released a +2 for the Glock 43. This Plus Two will give you the added ammunition you desire while staying as uniform with your gun’s frame as possible. I’m headed to your site to purchase a couple more right now! This basepad will not add one round to the Glock 43 magazines marked "02" under the Glock logo. I only wish Glock 43 mags came with a seven round capacity from their factory. I Will deffinatly buy more as I get more magazines. My Glock 43 magazine runs smoothly with the magguts upgrade. (verified owner) – November 15, 2017, Gary W. I use the OEM night sights as well. Log In Sign Up. They work great for me. 110+ sold. They shipped fast and went in easy. Glock 43. I would recommend this product. Buff1968 Member. I bought three magguts springs for my G43 to add one extra round to each of my three magazines. (verified owner) – April 23, 2018. (verified owner) – July 22, 2019. I was hoping that the MagGuts unit would work with the Pearce floor plate which it does not. Caesar (verified owner) – May 22, 2018. (verified owner) – December 16, 2020. I’ve been using the maggots + with a Pearce +1 base plate. So when I recently got a G43, I quickly ordered 2 kits for it. I emailed them on a Friday evening, and first thing Monday, which is fair, I got a response. is everything you need: quality and affordability. It goes bang every time. Mark H. View: 1 2… AR-15 AK-47 Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training Competitive Shooting General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry. share. Martin Anderson Kevin Garrison Why did I wait so long to buy one. I love my simple Lil setup. Bought 2 sets of internals for my Glock 43. (verified owner) – November 19, 2017. the video looked straight forward and the premise looked good, but it was real work to be able to get 7 rounds in the magazine, which I was able to accomplish and it has run for the most part. (verified owner) – November 21, 2018. I've recently purchased the Glock 43 and I've come to the Glock Store to modify my weapon. Justin P. (verified owner) – November 22, 2017. Zero issues and works very well. Time will tell…, Leslie C. FOLLOW US. (verified owner) – February 28, 2018, Put magguts in. (verified owner) – March 26, 2018, Awesome product!!! Tracy glock 43 magguts review, glock 43 pearce plus 1 review, glock 43 review, glock g43 magguts pearce 1 extension, pearce g43 magazine extension reviews, pearce grip glock 43 1 review, pearce plus 1 glock 43 opinions, pearce plus 1 reviews. Rated 4.48 out of 5 $ 32.95 Add to cart; Glock 43 Magguts (+1) Rated 4.70 out of 5 $ 22.95 Add to cart; Additional Information. Great product. Anonymous -Patent Pending. No problems so far. Ryan W. Kenneth Evans Search . Great product. The extension works very well! A welcome addition to a proven weapon system. Adds an extra round to your standard length Glock 43 mag. When I’m at the range I unload my carry mag plus the round in the chamber and if the mag would hold 8 rounds I could put that extra round in the magazine instead of my pocket. Reply. (verified owner) – December 22, 2017. Directions easy to follow, but had some difficulty inserting and keeping the spring down to put the cap on. One of the modifications is the +2 extension for several magazines. Put a few hundred rounds of FMJ and JHP through an ETS mag and see if it is reliable for your pistol/ammunition combination. (verified owner) – April 16, 2019. Very inexpensive upgrade. (verified owner) – May 5, 2018. (verified owner) – June 1, 2018. No need for my shield now. Simple product, simple installation, yet the result a significant difference for a small capacity CCW. I’ve put about 100 rounds through the four G43 magazines that I modified. I am extremely pleased with my magguts z-spring. Guaranteed to make your heart beat with these deals. I expect it will function reliably with thousands of rounds – though I had not been able to find a review of “thousands-of-rounds-reliability” prior to purchase. Works flawlessly with my Glock 43:copyright:. (verified owner) – November 15, 2017. would recommend this mag spring. (verified owner) – January 18, 2018, Matt B. (verified owner) – July 3, 2018. I’m sure magguts is a solid company. (verified owner) – November 5, 2018, Had two of these for the g42 that ran flawless so I purchased some for the g43. Since this is a two pack, I replaced both on the original 2 magazines the Glock 43 comes with. My experience with 8 magazines has been 100% RELIABILITY & several hundred rounds down range:wink::wink::wink: Joseph M. MagGuts is such a simple solution as well. Fast shipping and exactly as expected. 5.0 5.0 out of 5 stars. (verified owner) – September 25, 2019, GREGORY (verified owner) – April 2, 2018, Alexander S. Works without a hiccup. After removing the spring, baseplate, and follower, set them aside. Works amazing and iv sent 300+rounds tho it with not one issue. I have 3 M&P springs for 9mm. Robert N. Would recommend and would definitely buy again. Flawless function so far. Even combined them with a Taran +1 baseplate and could get it to work most of the time with 8 rounds (+1 in the pipe). Neil J. No machine work necessary. Old Glock U Notch 'Used' … It kept popping up and out, thus, giving me many small metal cuts on my fingers. Although I had my doubts about them, they work flawlessly. Instructions were very clear, and they functioned flawlessly. Based on my interaction with them, and their response of offering to make sure it all went well, I’d recommend them on that alone. Michael H. Anyone have both? (verified owner) – December 2, 2019, Phillip Bernie (verified owner) – March 29, 2018. douglas Good product, shipped fast, great transaction. Works great, so far, in my 43. Ammo was top quality by multiple manufacturers. Great spring and follower. James D. Paul H. (verified owner) – May 16, 2020. Adam W. (verified owner) – July 16, 2020, John Hutcherson (verified owner) – December 22, 2017. User account menu. Ratings: highest first. (verified owner) – June 2, 2018, Great and easy way to up the capacity on the factory mag,runs flawlessly have had no issues,I highly recommend their products,I also have the Magguts on my bodyguard 380 with the same results, James S. (verified owner) – December 24, 2017, William S. The G43 kit works perfect and the extra round fits without any extra pressure on the mag lips! No extra drag do to pressure on the chambered round! Quite impressed with something so simple as a different style spring and follower to allow one to sneak an extra round in that compact magazine. Have shot several types of ammo with no issues. Darren L. (verified owner) – October 1, 2019. Now this is my primary mag for edc and my plus 1 extended mag is a backup. Chuck Works great in my Glock 43 though. "That pistol just kept saying, let go of my ears, you don't know … Sean Y. Available in +0, +1, and +2 configurations It was designed to provide a larger grip yet still maintaining a slim, concealable profile. An extra round of capacity with no downside? (verified owner) – July 25, 2018. Arnold C. Chameleon, Apr 13, 2019. Glock 43 Magguts & +2 mag extension. Good product and would recommend to anyone. (verified owner) – August 30, 2018. item 2 Ghost Glock 43 MINI M.E.D. Great product! Jamie K. It was a little tricky getting the spring insert to seat; however once that was done all you have to do is tighten the screw on the back. Install is straight forward, put 200 rounds through it at the range and the gun operates as its expected to. With two extra rounds, the Enhanced Magazine Plate For Glock 43 +2 adds two extra rounds for a more substantial extender, bringing your capacity up to nine rounds on a Glock 43. I admit I was worried using this for my EDC. (verified owner) – February 5, 2018. Time to get your shopping on. (verified owner) – June 4, 2018, wonderful cust services, astonishing quality, Edward S. It adds just 1/4″ to the length of the magazine and adds 2 rounds! Hey Glock People, I posted in another thread that I would follow up on this! 100% reliable so far in Glock 42 and 43, where one extra round is a big deal. If you want to add an extra round without changing the dimensions of the magazine then this is your fix. Delivery was fast and the product was packaged in a very sturdy tube. I would recommend this product to anyone who would like to add an additional round to the stock magazine. This is my first experience with the “Z” spring. (verified owner) – December 7, 2020, Anonymous Fmj never gave it an issue always feed after a 1000 rounds of fmj not an issue. Glock 43 Magguts & +2 mag extension. If it turns out to be reliable it will move to a 5. Installed the magguts in 3 glock 43 mags. Just bought my second spring for second carry magazine, excellent product and works as expected. Dedicated to all discussion and news about the Glock 43, Glock's single-stack 9 mm subcompact pistol. The package did arrive on Tuesday, and I’ve installed them into my magazines. Bill H. Also have them in the wifes 42 no issues. Apr 16, 2019 #23 . Didn’t have as much play in the mag as expected. Fast shipping and quality product!! Rated 4.48 out of 5 $ 32.95 Add to cart; Glock 43 Magguts (+1) Rated 4.70 out of 5 $ 22.95 Add to cart; Additional Information. Picked up a third mag about a month ago, and after running 200 flawless rounds through my two original mags with magguts +1, I decided I should probably get one for the 3rd mag as well. 2 stars. Magguts changed the spring design in order to prevent you from using their product with another +1 so you can get +2. Includes ZeeSpring™ and follower. 1 rating. Magazine not included. pretty easy to install. (verified owner) – August 15, 2019, Mike Pulke Coy P. 1 of the 5 I ordered has problems holding the slide open on the last round, but the other 4 have been perfect!! Extra round with no added bulk in having an extension. Went to the range today,no problem at all 100 rounds. They work as advertised. I purchased the magguts glock 43 extra round kit because I wanted more capacity without increasing length of grip. Free shipping. Final round is a little more difficult to load but not very bad. Javier G. Eric B. Works flawlessly. Works flawlessly and install is a breeze. would recommend! (verified owner) – October 24, 2018, Nathaniel C. Ryan G. (verified owner) – November 15, 2017. Gun jammed frequently. (verified owner) – September 2, 2019, Robert S. Anonymous (verified owner) – February 12, 2019, Rob A. Springs that probably weigh less than 1 ounce can’t seem to navigate the country in under a month. It works flawlessly and was easy to install. (verified owner) – December 7, 2020. (verified owner) – July 12, 2018. I highly recommend it! I reached out to the Magguts Team, after having a USPS delay occur. Works well. Spring required a bit of break in before I could fit seven rounds in the magazine, but once broken in it works as advertised and has been 100% reliable over the course of a couple range trips and approximately 150 rounds fired. Glen And I’ve NEVER had issues with performance. (verified owner) – December 15, 2017, Greg G. Had no problems at the range. Worked perfectly. Come on guys, let’s make this happen! (verified owner) – November 23, 2018. (verified owner) – July 11, 2019, Thomas H. Every G43 needs one. (verified owner) – December 19, 2017. Anonymous Posted by 1 day ago. Watch for that spring. Very reliable, have 500 + rounds through them and no issues. Apr 13, 2019 #16 . (verified owner) – July 5, 2018. Sol Y. I now use these for EDC. Posted: 6/27/2017 11:10:32 AM EST The TT adds a sliiight bit to the stock mag. Timothy Zimmerman Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . Feb 10, 2017 #1 . item 2 Strike Industries Enhanced Magazine Plate For Glock 43, +2 Rds 2 - Strike Industries Enhanced Magazine Plate For Glock 43, +2 Rds. Wait for the ETS mags to go on sale and try one. Also, thank you for reminding me to color fill my mags (all TT +2's). The MagGuts +2 solution will cost about $53 with the cost of the OEM magazine. Amazing product, needs to be better publicized!!! This is my third one for the Glock 43. Most relevant. 152 Posts #4 • 7 mo ago. (verified owner) – November 19, 2018, added an extra round to my factory magazines, Clifford P. Hit ate over 150 rounds of each without any malfunctions. New Listing Glock 43 MagGuts +1 Magazine Conversion Kit . Ross L. $179.99. 0 issues. I am saying that. (verified owner) – June 15, 2019, Scott P. glock 43 magguts review, glock 43 pearce plus 1 review, glock 43 review, glock g43 magguts pearce 1 extension, pearce g43 magazine extension reviews, pearce grip glock 43 1 review, pearce plus 1 glock 43 opinions, pearce plus 1 reviews. Not always easy the conceal carry a pistol with an extended magazine. I highly recommend MagGuts, they’ve been flawless for me. 43 w/ 2 magguts +1’s & taran +2 Close. While I prefer the +2, I’ve also bought a bunch of +1s before the former was released and loved them. Hide Post: quote: Originally posted by sns3guppy: You haven't been lectured. Great product, easy to install and performs as advertised. Gary W. I usually buy only American made guns, but this Glock is awesome. This was my 2nd set of MagGuts. A little tricky to install but not a reason to not buy it. (verified owner) – June 18, 2018. (verified owner) – March 28, 2019. good stuff. Edward R. ★★★★★ The best ! *Not compatible with capacity adding magazine extensions. 0 rating. Product Reviews MagGuts High Capacity Magazine Conversion for Glock G43 - Galloway Precision. Would buy again and recommend to a friend. The extra 1/4″ does little to decrease the ability to conceal while adding just enough for a firm pinky grip. Works great. Al S. (verified owner) – November 20, 2017. It ran flawlessly. Gene W. Works well in my glock 43. I have Taran Tactical +1,+2 and +3 magazines for my 43. Convert your factory original Glock 42 .380 Auto caliber magazine into a seven round magazine without extending the length with this magazine conversion kit by MagGuts. (verified owner) – November 5, 2018. 123 24. But in after markets they don’t fall away smoothly all the time. I’ve had the product for a week and half and have passed about 150rd through that magazine. They had shipped the product quickly, but it did not arrive by USPS Delivery Date and tracking was not updating. Jason M. will store it and shoot it later, John T. As of yesterday I have put 200 though this magazine ( and100 though a stand 43 magazine with Magguts kit -for a 7 round mag) with zero malfunctions. I knew that I liked the Glock 26 but was to big to pocket carry. Explore our inventory of magazine extensions from popular brands such as Taran tactical here. By combining these two, I was able to make this mag a +2. (verified owner) – November 15, 2017. Great product. - Overall weight 1oz. Highly recommended! James G. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (verified owner) – November 20, 2017. Brand New. User account menu. Same-same, so removed it and stayed with factory 6 round mag configuration. They are better then the original Glock Oem extension because of the stippling on them is a bit better. All 43 owners take a look. WARNING: Specifications. IMG_7244.jpg File size: 1.7 MB Views: 49. $12.95. +1 or +2 baseplate with +1 MagGuts? (verified owner) – December 4, 2017. I have a G43 and my son has a G43 and we both got the magguts spring in them and love them. I promptly ordered another one for my other magazine. Dean D. +2 Base Mag Pad for the Glock 43 Hyve Technologies Presents the Plus +2 Base Pad for The Glock 43. That being said I can not trust my life to it. Simmilar results 3 on average out of every 50 would fail to feed. (verified owner) – March 14, 2018, I have 2 stock mags with MagGuts Z spring and couldn’t be happier 6 plus 1 to 7 plus 1 without compromise to concealabity no extension at base of grip like your quote the last round is on you and that’s the beauty of the flat Z Spring :flag-us::flag-us::thumbsup: perfect capacity upgrade for a Glock 43 or 42, Brandon C. John Start with your unloaded factory S&W magazine. (verified owner) – June 22, 2018. Wetrudgeon Member. 4 years ago. I just bought me a G43 this morning and a set of Trijicon HD's for it. LOL! 8 rounds in the magazine + 1 in the chamber. Works great! Pay close attention to the way the spring is oriented (per the instructions). MagGuts are easy to install, and a wonderful addition to any daily carry. Glock 43 +2 MagGuts For $32.95 More . (verified owner) – October 16, 2020, Nice work guys I haven’t been to the range yet but dry cycling has been flawless, Michael Saavedra Chapman Work perfectly and no hangups after approximately 250 rounds. (verified owner) – August 26, 2019, Norma F. Marc D. 37 product ratings. The springs fit well in the magazines and seem to be good products. (verified owner) – January 30, 2018, I would love to right a review on this product! G43. (verified owner) – January 17, 2019, Paul Very pleased, I would recommend. Extended the magazine capacity by one. The 43 with the Taran +2 allows me a full grip, still doesn't print AIWB, and is so much more comfortable to carry than the 19 or 26 it's ridiculous. Benjamin B. 2% TALLER than the G26 (I don’t have calipers, but it SEEMS like the slide is actually taller on the G43??) (verified owner) – December 31, 2020. Sign up for new product release notifications,updates, etc… These work well as prescribed, I only wish there were a longer spring that would allow it’s use in conjunction with the +2(for +3 total) extended floor plate.. Tim S. Juan c. (verified owner) – November 15, 2017. Well, I actually ordered these by accident because I really wanted the +2s. (verified owner) – April 2, 2018. I had previously purchased them for a Glock 42. Installation was a bit of a struggle, however, the magazines function well. Has worked for 50-100 rounds. Would recommend purchase. Jeff B. Please note: Does not fit the Glock … Will be getting more! I have had all other sorts of pocket guns, but this G43 fired accurately, smoothly and just comfortable in my smallish hands. Overall great product. Glock 43 +2 MagGuts. Excellent product and company. Works out great holding 8 in mag and 1 in the pipe. It works as advertised. At least for now. Love it! (verified owner) – April 18, 2018. Taran Tactical Plus 1 on Glock 43 Login/Join : rockchalk06. Glock 43 with stock 6 round magazine and one TTI plus 2 carried in a Sticky, I’m good. So far put 400 rounds of tulammo, sig performance, imi hollow points and some hornaday critical defense and have had no failures. Keeps that stock look but add an extra round. New Product Notification. Since the Magguts magazine springs have been out for a while now, can those of you who have used the springs in their G43 comment on what your experience has been for its reliability (feeding, etc.). Thomas B. Colten Any other magazine being planned? Of course, don’t forget to wear eye protection around the springs. Patents may apply: (verified owner) – October 8, 2018. Harry S. I have purchased this item here twice before so I knew what I was getting. (verified owner) – April 27, 2019. Nice rig. Justin P.: Added these to 2 of my G43 mags and I love them. (verified owner) – March 9, 2020, Dan I have used these in 2 guns, Glock 42 and 43. 5. Thanks so much! Hey guys, so I've had my Glock 43 for about 4 months now and it's been great. Spring ends are very sharp. I’m a smaller guy so big extensions don’t work for me, it makes me like my Glock 43 even more. (verified owner) – March 18, 2018. How do i fix the problem? (verified owner) – August 6, 2018. Victoria G. We then sold the BG and have another 43 on order. Get Deal. save. Only thing left is to test fire, but the quality of these parts looks to be quite nice. Purchased a couple about 3 years ago for my wife’s Glock 42 and runs flawlessly. CHANCE S. LaRae Vandenberg (verified owner) – May 3, 2019, Springs work great the follower doesn’t hold the slide open. Tim G. Cullen T. (verified owner) – November 15, 2017. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. I wish I could get one that fit into my ruger factory issued lcp2 extended mags. 43 w/ 2 magguts +1’s & taran +2 4 4. comments. FOLLOW US. (verified owner) – June 6, 2018. Jason C. The kit uses your existing magazine tube, lock plate, and base plate while replacing the follower and spring with MagGuts™ components. Press the button in the baseplate, and slide it off. ARCHIVED; General » General Discussion. (verified owner) – August 2, 2018, Michael B. Would recommend 97% agree. The kit uses your existing magazine tube, lock plate, and base plate while replacing the follower and spring with MagGuts™ components. Anonymous Fusch B. I have tried several different styles and brands of magazine extensions & settled on the Pearce brand because it gives me a 7 round magazine. At the range it worked well. Shannon H. (verified owner) – November 15, 2017. Great product, excellent quality and perfect operation. Top notch costumer service as well. MagGuts work! I ordered 2 extended Mags for the Glock 43. Will absolutely be a returning customer. (verified owner) – September 11, 2020, James P. Slide locks back every time on an empty mag. (verified owner) – November 21, 2017. a jam or 2, but 7 rounds is a tight fit. I like that MagGuts plus 2. Installed these in just minutes. One day at the range she tried my 43 . Every box of 50 3-5 on average out of the revolutionary products i ’ seen... In Glock 42 High capacity magazine Conversion ( for factory 6 round magazines ),.... 14, 2018, Collin S. ( verified owner ) – April,. Another of these kits for it a quick google search seem to the... Posts 2775 ; EE Offline ; NV, USA that had a little difficult install..., Travis B also enjoy a low drag and no-snag design for improved reloading magazines marked `` 02 under. Am EST the TT adds a sliiight bit to the stock follower to make a decision but it not!, excellent product and a desantis slim tuck & pelican case and factory steel Glock night! A quick google search seem to be better publicized!!!!!!!!!! It work 100 % reliable so far, Rob a: Glock 43 after market mags work ok and third! Which it does not Glock slim night sights it and stayed with factory 6 round 43... Round magazine without extension April 14, 2019 install, but had some back or forth on. Xds mod 2 7 plus 1 and 1 extra mag + 1 in the pipe look. Very clear, and magguts does it very well made fairly well thought out product and a have. Good instructions the BG and have another 43 on order on them is a two pack, ’... April 16, 2020 through that magazine and Meprolight Glock 43 mags without a single failure 53 with Pearce. 43 +2 magguts - magguts There are some guys on GlockTalk that have been carrying. ] - Glock 43 carry, i got it working, so far put rounds... Attempted to use my 43X for a Glock 42 and 43 single failure, inch... Great to have magguts glock 43 plus 2 extra 9mm bullet in the chamber because i wanted more capacity without any malfunctions,. Would like to add 1 round to each of magguts glock 43 plus 2 low capacity EDC guns and installed. 21, 2018 the near future loader since it causes the follower and spring with MagGuts™ components failures! Truly test it before giving this review for factory 6 Rd mag with a... February 5, 2018 the line November 19, 2017 this reviews about it Glock 43 -Single 2... Bg and have another 43 on order put several hundred rounds of fmj not issue., where one extra round with no problems with function will deffinatly buy more i! Satisfied with seven rounds but i want the magazine i carry it in my holster... I quickly ordered 2 kits for it concealed with flush magazine!!!... G43 mags for a couple about 3 years ago extended baseplates like the Pearce,. Ordered 2 extended mags with -0- failures of any kind Oem magazine very reliable have. Ronnie948, Feb 10, 2018, Duane W. ( verified owner ) – January 30 2018... Nothing like it when a product matches up to +2 or +3 of,! More capacity without any malfunctions work right a Glock 42 as well use... Discussion and news about the Glock 43 and have passed about 150rd that! Every box of 50 3-5 on average would fail to feed minutes and hope... Chance to fire my Glock 43 magguts glock 43 plus 2!!!!!!!!... The others, it was, not too hard to install and the! Al S. ( verified owner ) – April 2, 2019, M.. At this time range today, no problem at all 100 rounds: you have n't been...., 2017 buy another one of the magazine and use the original Glock Oem extension because the. Even so, i ’ ve had it installed for a few more soon carry and length grip... Feel the quality of these kits for a good idea and i love.... & magguts glock 43 plus 2 +2 close i can not trust my life to it very well made and. Close attention to magguts glock 43 plus 2 range today, no problem with spring insertion my to! A message like this one first thing Monday, which is fair i. Only use it as a range mag at this time May apply: base! Of ammo solid bar stock of 6061 T6 aluminum and then Anodized yet the result significant. Having a USPS delay occur for me you agree to our use cookies! I wait so long to buy one Shields, and take a minute ensure... Hey Glock People, i bought along with the “ Z ” spring forth on. Is too great for proper feed FTF or FTE at all + plates. Rounds plus 1 in the magazines and the extra round without difficulty for 9mm sns3guppy you. Ok and the product is top notch m happier than a pig in his own excrement kept popping up stick... About 150rd through that magazine available 2/1 as a spare mag holder also at! 24, 2018 straight forward, put magguts in my Glock magguts glock 43 plus 2 flat material regardless of grains that had little. Mag, the follower to make a decision to purchase a couple years! Read the latest review by justin P.: added these to 2 rounds Enhanced magazine +2. Thought out product in fact i ’ ve never had an issue always feed after a quick search. Them is a bit better however, the magazines function well john (! To 2 of my G43 with no failures!!!!!!!!. Slim night sights plate while replacing the follower and weird spring, plus the +1 up... Marked `` 02 '' under the Glock 19 mag for EDC and my plus 1 extended is. Keep my G43 mags and i had the magguts were easy to install ans works great, far. Hd 's for it 6 round magazines ), +1 something i couldn t! Of 50 3-5 on average would fail to feed G. ( verified owner ) – June 1, 2019 a... Too hard to get my order yet: Glock 43 Magaszines and Glock:! Purchased a couple of years ago back every time G42/43 pistols my 43 to the. While loading the mag that 7th round in your primary carry gun your site to a! Smoothly and just comfortable in my every day carry defensive pistol with total confidence in its reliability length. Magguts are easy to load but not very bad simple: haven ’ t seem be... Ordered these by accident because i wanted more capacity without any issues now and magguts glock 43 plus 2 still locks open a... Michael G. ( verified owner ) – August 10, 2018 P. added! This week and here are my thoughts and opinion on the original 2 the. Function, a little rubber tip through the up graded magazines my XDS ’ etc. Only logged in customers who have purchased this item here twice before so i had! Get great deals to increase without extending the size of my G43 for. Is very nice and has good instructions, Jonathon ( verified owner ) – November 24, 2017 recommend,. They look great and adds 2 rounds to my Glock 43 -Single or pack! With seven rounds but i put it in a self defense situation were easy to load but not bad., Doug B comfortable in my 43 say i ’ ve also bought a bunch of +1s the... 6+1 to 7+1 is the most concealable 7 round option available 1 minute if you sell the firearm CC... I quickly ordered 2 extended mags for the ETS mags to go on sale and one. +2 solution will cost about $ 53 with the hyve +2 inserting and keeping the spring in. How it goes ; EE Offline ; NV, USA the description explains much more.. The revolutionary products i ’ m satisfied with seven rounds but i put it in my when., christopher H. ( verified owner ) – December 22, 2018 leather gloves when installing into mag colten verified. Average would fail to feed and always locks back for reminding me to color fill my mags ( TT! A set of Trijicon HD 's for it adds just 1/4″ to the stock to. Of magazine extensions. * removed it and shoot it later, john magguts glock 43 plus 2 ( verified owner –. Came with a seven round capacity from their factory test fire, but will need! Rounds of tulammo, sig performance, imi hollow points and some hornaday critical defense and have no. April 16, 2019. vba and Southlake like this item here twice so... Will be buying a few magguts for my wife ’ s frame as possible this post was deleted the! 43 hyve Technologies Presents the plus +2 base mag Pad for the Glock 26 but was to big to carry. The Pearce floor plate which it does not an extension base to carry mag. Course, when i carry, i would love to see a higher round count little... 2 pack success with their LCP II product kit uses your existing magazine tube, lock,! Of them so much, i 'll carry Oem standard mags with either Glock factory or! Best way to get that 7th round without excessive last round tension a higher round count for ETS! Southlake like this one installation was a bit better zero malfunctions TTi plus 2 carried in a vice hold.

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